Characteristics of the product and warranty of the product

What does LVT stand for?

LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile. The vinyl tiles from VinilForte have the following components:

UV Reinforcement Coating: extra protection

Wear Layer:  transparent PVC layer that has wear resistance, facilitates cleaning and increases durability

Decorative Image Layer: beauty and reproduction of wood looks

Base: rubberized layer, absorbs impacts and provides for better adherence to the substrate 

What is the warranty for vinyl floors from Vinilfort?

The warranty refers exclusively to manufacturing defects according specifications of national and international norms.

Problems caused by use not according to specifications informed on the packaging and the technical manual, as well as, incorrect installation, scratches caused by abrasive objects and other factors, nullify the warranty.

Our products are guaranteed for 10 years of residential use.

What is the production lot?

Production lot is a code that identifies all products produced in a series (a given time period), under the same conditions and its characteristics (physical, chemical, dimensional etc.) are identical. The identification of the production lot of VinilForte can be found on the packaging labels which inform: code, reference, shade and date of manufacture. Please keep the labels that identify the material and the production lot in case you need to acquire additional tiles for the same area.

Why purchase a product of the same production lot?

Products of different lots can present differences, mainly in shade, as there were not produced under the same conditions and its characteristics may not be identical. 

Therefore, you should ideally always acquire 10% more than the surface area to be covered.  

Do vinyl tiles catch fire?

No. Vinyl tiles are self-extinguishing, i.e., in case of a fire they product does not spread fire.

Storage and installation

Is it mandatory to hire specialized labor for installation?

No. However, installation shall be done by a qualified professional due to several factors that include the process of analysis and preparation of the substrate, as well as the installation of any vinyl tile.

How shall I store vinyl tile?

It is important to store the product in a closed, covered and ventilated environment, with a temperature between 15°C/59°F and 25°C/77°F. Always keep boxes horizontally and on a flat surface, thus avoiding deformation of pieces.

Can I install vinyl tiles on any substrate?

No. Although it can be laid on several types of substrates, like cement or concrete slabs, ceramic tiles (as long as joints are regular and less than 5mm/0.2inches wide), marbles and granites, there are substrates that are not recommended/allowed for installation, which are:

Wood floors (including parquet flooring, wooden boards etc.), burnt cement, acrylic and epoxy painted floors, other vinyl floors, carpets and floating floors. In these cases, the covering must first be removed, and a new substrate must be prepared.

Can I install vinyl floor in wet areas?

No. The accumulated water under the floor will affect the adhesive and consequently it will loosen the tiles. 

What is layout?

The layout is the planning of the pattern/design in which the tiles will be laid, which will define the installation. It is the starting point where one establishes the combination of colors and quantities of tiles of the vinyl covering, as well as the direction the tiles will be installed.

For suggestions, please check our Technical Manual.

How long after installation, do I have to wait before using the area with the installed LVT?

Use for light traffic is ok after 3 to 5 hours. For regular use/traffic wait for at least 48 hours. However, the complete drying of the adhesive occurs within a week, during this time period the tiles shall not get wet (some adhesives can resist the presence of water, but others can loosen. Always check recommendations of the adhesive manufacturer).

Cleaning and Maintanance

How do I perfom the daily cleaning of my vinyl tiles?

The day-to-day cleaning can be performed with a humid cloth and diluted neutral detergent. It is important not to make excessive use of water which can infiltrate between the joints and reduce the efficiency of the adhesive, causing bubbles or tiles to loosen.

What kind of caster is recommended for chairs and furniture used on vinyl tiles?

Casters of polyurethane are the most suitable, as they not damage the floor surface.


What are the main benefits of VinilForte products?

- 10 years of residential warranty

- Quick installation

- UV protection

- Acoustic Comfort

- Thermal Comfort

- Designs in High Definition

- Easy to Clean

- Hypoallergenic

- Recyclable Product

- Made in Brazil

- Termite Resistant

- Pet friendly